Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Multiple Writer Claim of the Hebrew Bible

The historians tend to bash Jewish history by claiming that Moses did not write the Hewbrew bible because there was no signature.  That seems absurd because not everyone does that.  A logical fallacy is at play here, and that is incomplete evidence.  In addition the historians are doubting an event and delcare it as untrue.  Just because one can have doubt over a situation does not mean it is not true.  They also argue that the Torah had to be written by more one than person because it mentions the death of Moses.  One possiblity could be that Moses wrote the last few lines or Joshua wrote it, which either seem plausible.  These sources come from the Talmud and the rejections began heavily in the 16 and 17 hundreds (Efron 31). One must consider criticizing historical events after knowing what really happened.

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